Was Joseph Smith An Able Man?

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When the Lord calls a prophet, he chooses a man who is already wise:
"Men are called to prophetic office because of their humility and their willingness to be in the hands of the Lord as clay in the hands of the potter. Yet a man called to the prophetic office is almost without exception of high native endowment, often with large experience in life, and POSSESSED OF WISDOM AND SOUND JUDGMENT. That is, the prophet, THOUGH BUT A MAN, HE IS AN ABLE MAN" (Elder John A. Widtsoe, Evidences and Reconciliations, p. 257)."
From the 1838 Elders' Journal, page 54, "We are absolutely determined no long to bear [persecution], come life or come death, for to be mobed (sic) any more without taking vengeance, we will not."~ Joseph Smith

Was Joseph Smith possessed of wisdom and judgment as an able man, when he vowed vengeance against his enemies, in direct opposition to Christ's command to His followers, to love their enemies?